Monday, October 13, 2014

RPG Media Monday - Time Travel in your RPG Settings

As a philosophical question, whether or not Time Travel is possible could be argued either way.  I write that sentence in the present tense because if it ever becomes possible, then it already is and always has been.  Some of my favorite television shows from the last decade that involved Time Travel include Doctor Who, of course, but also Fringe and Continuum.  Of movies, Edge of Tomorrow was much better than I think most folks expected, plus Looper and Source Code both found a way to make me enjoy them.  For me, it is tougher to sell in a shorter presentation.  Some might think there is less time to make mistakes and create plot holes.  For me, I am always wanting to see more of how what they do right is made to work, to integrate into their particular concept, even if it causes more holes.

So, my simple advice is that if you are looking for Time Travel examples from the media for help in crafting something for our RPG setting, it might behoove you to look more toward the long form, to give you more material from which to work.  But don't forget to check in with what real world scientists might be saying.  A recent article on Gizmodo discusses the subject of Time Travel in earnest.  While reading it, try not to look over your shoulder for an older you warning you not readily believe such tripe.  See more here.

What can be gleaned from Media
and used in our tabletop RPGing?
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