Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Tuesday Sundries - Player Advice Equals GMing Advice

Over on the Creighton Broadhurst blog, he writes today about "Player Advice: 10 Dungeon Delving Tips for Beginners" but GMs should understand that all of the points are also GMing advice.  Number one, for example, is "Never split the party" which most of us probably have heard before, but some of my favorite times GMing have been when the party splits.

I don't mean that I started an adventure with everyone naked and in a dungeon with no memory of how they got there, or even necessarily when a pit-chute dropped one or two down below and it took them some time to reconnect.  I mean when I truly presented an opportunity so tempting to a party member they felt it worth the risk to wander off.

That moment just before it happens is like watching a scene from a horror film where the music is nagging you, letting you know that something is amiss, but it hasn't quite happened yet.  There is a build while the person gets further and further along the path to true Splitsville.  There is even a moment of realization, in the worst case scenario when that split turns into death, that point of no return, when the person comes to understand that splitting was a bad choice.

Read more of Creighton's list here and think on the GMing possibilities.

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