Friday, August 26, 2011

Campaign Settings

As I clean up some portion of my campaign setting, that began as a homebrew back in the Seventies, I thought I would do some quick and basic searches to be sure my ideas of what a setting should be has not become dated or supplanted by new trends or thoughts on the matter.  From our friend Wiki -

A campaign setting is usually a fictional world which serves as a setting for a role-playing game or wargame campaign. A campaign is a series of individual adventures, and a campaign setting is the world in which such adventures and campaigns take place. Usually a campaign setting is designed for a specific game (. . .) or a specific genre of game (such as Medieval fantasy, or outer space/science fiction adventure). There are numerous campaign settings available both in print and online. In addition to published campaign settings available for purchase, many game masters create their own settings, often referred to as "homebrew" settings or worlds.

Hasn't changed a bit.  Later this month I'll be revealing some information about the upcoming Grymvald Campaign Setting.  I'll discuss how it was built, how it fits with the genre of rht upcoming rules system from CMG, and why I've had so much fun with it for nearly forty years.

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