Monday, February 23, 2015

RPG Media Monday - The Isabella Breviary, Scheide's Collection, & Hirst's Vikings

Three from the this week, as certainly happens often enough on various corners of the CMG Blog Triad, but first is an article featuring "The Isabella Breviary" here.

Also, an amazing "$300 million library donated to Princeton University includes thousands of medieval manuscripts and early printed books" and they intend to digitize it over time.  Huzzah for GMs everywhere and learn more here.

Finally, with the new season of Vikings starting up this week, they had a "Q&A [with] Michael Hirst, creator and writer of Vikings" here.  Let me also take a moment to say that I think Donal Logue is one of the hardest working actors currently around.  I hope he gets more recognition for all his efforts this year.

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