Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Revisiting Robert E Howard

I've been reading over some old Conan books lately, and checking out some newer more faithful editions/  Maybe I am just more forgiving than a lot of fans but I'm not particularly put off by the work of L. Sprague de Camp or Lin Carter from the famous, or infamous, ACE books series of the Seventies.  Those were my introduction to Conan in those early days, along with their iconic Frazetta covers, so perhaps that makes me more immune to the liberties other authors took with Howard's work.  Of course, I have read Howard's stories since in their unadulterated form, and they are better in many respects, but I cannot help but wonder if they would have come to such prominence in modern times if not for de Camp fanning the flames of the genre and particularly of Howard's Conan, often through de Camp's Amra zine, for so many years.  As I read more of the stories again, I'll discuss what aspects make for good use in tabletop roleplaying game campaign settings, and how to help make the transition from the written page to the tabletop without taking away form the game aspect, that is, without restricting or railroading the play characters in the process.
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