Friday, March 4, 2016

Flora & Fauna Friday - Dogs

Erik Garland, gamer extraordinaire and dog lover, just can't seem to win over Ernie's dog Kaycee.  No matter what he does, she just bares here teeth when he tries.  There's no good reason for it because he'd be more than happy to throw a Frisbee for her and has played in Ernie's game and spent much of that time tossing a chew toy to her great delight.  Nevertheless, she was having none of it on Thursday at Gary Con VIII.  Personally, I think he'll win her over eventually.  With that in mind, I thought this week's blog on plants and animals should be about dogs.  First up, and article from, they give us "21 Awesome Dog Breeds You’ve Never Heard Of And Need To Know About Immediately" here.

Also, on, they distance wolves from their cousins with the article "Dogs are NOT descended from modern wolves but split from common ancestor 34,000 years ago" here.

Finally, on, they accuse dogs of murder on a mammoth scale while asking, "Did Dogs Help Drive Mammoths to Their Graves?"  Find out here.

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