Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Tuesday Sundries - GM's Day Sale Finale

As the GM's Day Sale winds down for 2016, I thought I would make mention of three items that have been very popular this year.  The first is "30 Things Can Happen!" which is on sale for just one dollar here. "Never be at a loss again with these thirty tables of random Medieval Fantasy events and findings in urban, rural, and underground locations. Each thirty entry table is divided into three ten entry categories, some with additional sub-options, making for nearly one thousand random results including the fun and fantastical. Use these pages to help flesh out locations during prep or to perk up a flagging game session. This invaluable resource is system-free and ready to help with any fantasy roleplaying game."

Also, have a look at the "Superstitions" sourcebook for one dollar as well here.  "Can you steer your ship by the albatross? Do you dare to wear the Boar's Tusks of Goblinoid Slaying? Will casting the Shark's Feeding Frenzy on your companions save their skins?  This new 32 page pdf takes many real world superstitions and gives you tips on how to use them in your game. Nearly one hundred Magic Items, Spells, and Advanced Creatures are included."

Finally, the "Fighting Fire - Ernie Gygax Benefit Adventure" is still helping Ernie cover those bills that piled so high a couple of years ago.  It can be had here.  One-third comes right off the selling price and is directed to the fund set up by his brother Luke.  "The adventure takes place in and around the town of Gamington on the shores of Gentle Lake. An arsonist's fire destroys the Tower of Ernesto, a famous wizard, but a band of heroes rallies to right the wrong, rooting out the evil in the nearby Fire Peak. A GM can set this up as a campaign addition or one-shot, in any Medieval Fantasy RPG system. There are plenty of tips to help do either. Included are some character backgrounds for the heroes noted within as well as an epic poem extolling their exploits. I hope it is as much fun to read as it was to write."

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