Sunday, March 30, 2014

David A. Trampier Tributes

It was was report last week that David A. Trampier passed, and it was mentioned on this blog, but there have been some very nice tributes to Trampier and his talent, so I though I might take the time to point them out here.  Stormbringer of the Vintage Role Playing Games group on Facebook fashioned a cover picture that is as beautiful as it is simple.

A little over a year ago, some information on the reclusive (at least as far as the gaming scene was concerned) Trampier was collected on the Skyland Games blog here.  But since his passing many gamers and game-related sites have weighed in on the influence Trampier wielded on gamers from the very early days.  One such remembrance was from Eric Fabiaschi on his Swords & Stitchery blog here. So, too, the good folks at The Castle's Ramparts looked at Trampier's legacy here. mourned with the rest of us here.  Finally, Bleeding Cool had something to say on the matter here. It's sad that he passed even though he hasn't been involved in gaming for quite some time.

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