Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Oh, Little Town of Gamington

One of the most fun aspects of creating the Fighting Fire - Ernie Gygax Benefit Adventure was creating the town of Gamington, a rather blatant analog for Lake Geneva.  Of course the challenge is to populate it with places that would be fun to recognize as those belonging to friends and family of Ernie Gygax, and other gaming personas, while still ensuring their usefulness to the PCs embarking on the adventure.

While Gamington is plenty fleshed out for the purposes of the adventure, there is a plan to do more with it.  One idea is to put out a sourcebook with many, many details.  The thinking there would be that GMs might wish to base a whole campaign in and around Gamington and the depth a sourcebook can provide would help facilitate that option.  But maybe a simpler approach with just a bit more Gamington is enough for the time being.  There will certainly be a bit more in the sequel to Fighting Fire, which is titled Cold, Cold Heart.   But maybe there could be a way to detail it further between adventure releases.

You can pick up your copy of this offering here on RPGNow.com or on Drive Thru RPG here!

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