Friday, August 1, 2014

Flora & Fauna Friday - Nat Geo Vids & Hazen Audel

If you work on any tabletop RPG setting material and aren't subscribed to the National Geographic YouTube channel, you're missing out on a lot of fun videos and consistent inspiration.  They have a lot of full shows on the channel, and many clips from shows they have done, as well as quick looks at shows that are coming up on their television station.  While to some this might feel like signing up to receive a string of commercials, I personally find little tidbits and springboard ideas even from some of the flat-out promos.  Take, for example, the follow two clips for the currently running Hazen Audel show "Survive the Tribe."  The host and show are new enough on the scene that neither has a page on IMDb yet.  He's a self-styled adventurer-explorer-teacher-presenter-etc. and his demo reel on Vimeo even has some fun moments.

Flora & Fauna Friday on
Examining animals, plants, and the
environments we use for our tabletop RPGing.
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