Monday, August 25, 2014

RPG Media Monday - Frazetta Film, Bakshi Blu-ray, & Sticky Note Monsters

Inspiration for your games can come from many places.  Visually, I find that films and other media have played a huge part in shaping my tabletop RPG experience over the years and today a couple of oldies and a new goody too are part of the mix.

First up, Rumors of the Robert Rodriguez Frazetta film project are being stirred up on Comic Book Resources here.  Ralph Bakshi of Fire & Ice fame is said to be on board as a producer.

Speaking of Ralph Bakshi, his gamer-classic film Wizards can now be had on Blu-ray at here.

Finally, Bored Panda tuned me in to Danish artist John Kenn Mortensen who makes Sticky Note monster drawings.  See more here.

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