Saturday, August 2, 2014

Saturday in Space - Martian MOXIE, Getting There, and What to See for Now

NASA has plans to send a machine to Mars that will make oxygen.  If successful, a larger version will follow.  Read more here in a New York Post article.

A couple of articles on that caught my attention include this first one regarding a propulsion engine previously not thought to be viable.  Recent tests of the microwave thruster system seems to indicate otherwise.  If true, it opens up huge possibilities in extended space travel and self-sustaining satellites.  Check out more on this development here.

Meanwhile, from a more down to Earth perspective, August could prove to be an exciting month for those who like to look to the stars.  A recent article suggest "How to Spot 5 Cosmic Treats in August Night Sky" include a "double-double star," "cosmic chrysanthemum," and more here.

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