Friday, December 5, 2014

Flora & Fauna Friday - Horse Color, Predator Swarm, & Battling Behemoths

Over on Majnouna's corner of the Deviant Art website, there is a guide to horse colors and patterns that folks ought to have here.

Also, on the National Geographic YouTube channel, there is a video showing what a giant predator swarm to a large fishy food supply.  That is many types of predators coming together in a feeding frenzy.  Enjoy.

Finally, over on Great Fail´s YouTube channel, they have a video uploaded that, seemingly, a family took while on safari of a buffalo squaring off against a rhinoceros.  It's about six minutes long but captures the subtle ebb and floe of two behemoths stubbornly knocking heads and neither one willing to back down.  Check it out.

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