Saturday, December 13, 2014

Saturday in Space - NASA Budget Boost, CASIS Patch, Night Sky, & Geminids Meteors

Right up front, I'd like to acknowledge that a 2% increase in NASA funding seems precious little but is better than a funding cut.  To those who feel it is too much I urge you to consider that someday, centuries from now, when our species is in multiple solar systems and no longer able to be wiped out by a single strike of a giant rock from space, it'll seem like pocket change.  Think of it as the big picture equivalent picking up some groceries because we're planning to someday have another meal, as if we'll live so long as to need more food.  Read more about the increase here.

Also, Seth Green helped design the CASIS Ark 3 patch.  Find out more here.

Finally, on The Telegraph website ( ) you can read more about "The Night Sky in December: A new cold war waged not on Earth, but in space" here and then go to the NASA website to make your plans for the "2014 Geminids Meteor Shower" here, which starts tonight in case you forgot!  It's just about the busiest meteor shower all year, btw.

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