Sunday, June 21, 2015

Setting & Society Sunday - RPG Blog Carnival: Summerland

Thanks to Phil, the RPG Blog Carnival theme for June of 2015 is Summerland and entries can be found on Tales of a GM here. The archive for the rest of the RPG Blog Carnival is on here.

This being the official first day of Summer, I'd say it is time to get this month's RPG Carnical "Summerland" blog post up.  Let's look, then, at three articles that have something to do with Summer that can help inspire creation for your tabletop Medieval Fantasy RPGs.  First, a song of Summer from the Middle English period can simply be lifted as is, if you like that sort of thing (which I do!).  The article is from May 2014 and is titled "Sumer is Icumen In!"  Find out more here.

Also, a few years ago, they featured a paper from 2006 on "The origin of the European 'Medieval Warm Period'" which looks at "Proxy records and results of a three dimensional climate model show that European summer temperatures roughly a millennium ago " here.

Finally, an article from a few years back examines "Observational Archaeoastronomy at Stonehenge: Winter and Summer Solstice Sun Rise and Set Alignments Accurate to 0.2 o in 4000 BP" here.

Edit: And here's a bonus link from National Geographic on "First Day of Summer: 4 Things to Know About the Summer Solstice" here.

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