Thursday, May 14, 2015

Historical Thursday - Roman Multitool, Michelangelo, & Other Inventors

Some time back, Wired served up an article on an "1,800-year-old Roman Multitool" here.  It's pretty nifty how many features this tool has.  As with its Swiss descendant, the "knife, spike, pick, fork and a spatula" all fold away and it has the addition of a spoon.

Also, from the website, they reveal "The drawings that Michelangelo did not want you to see" here.  On his worst day, Michelangelo could use my own drawings as tissues and offend no one.

Finally, on, they highlight "7 Lesser-Known Victorian Inventors Who Were Just As Fascinating As Tesla" here.  Do NOT get me started on "John Nevil Maskelyne, Magician and Inventor of the Pay Toilet" and how his existence led to an incident best not detailed here or elsewhere . . .

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