Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Tuesday Sundries - Creepy Chameleon, Floating Hostel, & Secret Island

A recent video from National Geographic shows a chameleon, or does it?

Also, for less than a quarter million dollars, you can snap up a sweet, sweet floating hostel that will accommodate nearly 50 folks.  Get all the information, including deck plans (for use in your next modern RPG) here.

Finally, on caribbeanislandbrokers.com, for just $350K, you can get yourself a 2.5 acre secret island.  I'd imagine the price on these to be dropping even as the oceans rise, so don't hold your breath.  On the plus side for us gamers, the website is sharing dozens of pictures from the air and water and right onto the island, so write this up, send some PCs there on their Floating Hostel, and populate that island with chameleons.  See more here.

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