Thursday, January 12, 2023

(D23&Me) Room 012 - Upper Trade Guild Northeast Depot (U3)

 Once overseen by the Upper Trade Guild Office (U2), this Northeast Depot was a staging area for goods coming from other parts of the complex, or from without, and being sent to (G15) and beyond.  There is a trapdoor in the Northeast corner which is long since stuck closed.  It would take some time to oil the huge iron hinges and clear the gap around the door of debris to get it functioning again.  There is a chain and pulley system which could also use some refurbishing if it is going to be used again.  While it is fairly dry in this upper level of the complex, the section below this trapdoor leads to an underground river and that moisture has slowly seeped up to render this trapdoor currently unusable and the which system troublesome.

(Cartography by Dyson Logos, modified)

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