Monday, July 7, 2014

RPG Media Monday - The 2014 National Geographic Geography Bee & New Muppet-esque Movie

Part of what makes our tabletop RPG cartographic efforts interesting goes beyond drawing hills and trees, more trees, and yet more trees.  The places that often intrigue players the most are the largest, longest, smallest, hottest, coldest, and other extreme examples of their respective types, as well as the unusual names of locations of which we were previously unaware.  Discovering these places in the real world can be fun and provide inspiration for our gaming efforts.  To that end, here is the 2014 National Geographic Geography Bee from the Nat Geo YouTube channel.  Enjoy!

Also something to watch as news develops is the broader release of Lessons Learned, a short film by Toby Froud, the guy who was cast as the baby in the movie Labyrinth.  He's been assisted by his folks, Brian and Wendy Froud who are Henson Company stalwarts, and Jim Henson's daughter, Heather.  If you found tabletop RPG inspiration in that movie or in The Dark Crystal, I'm guessing this new film will be a real treat.  I know I am looking forward to seeing it!

Furthermore, if you have never heard Shoggoth's Old Peculiar as read by the author, Neil Gaiman, then you should listen, via YouTube, to the three parts of it (about 27 minutes in total).  Enjoy!

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