Sunday, July 13, 2014

Setting & Society Sunday - Adapting Humans Plus 25 Hidden Entrance Bars

Per Archaeology Magazine -
Scientists say that Sherpas and other Tibetans inherited a gene variant that helps them breathe at high altitudes from Denisovans, an extinct human species.
And a recent article on their website expounds a bit more here.

What can we take from this when developing cultures for our tabletop RPG games?  Well, it does allow us to do some adjustments based on heritage and location to tweak standard humans and make them somewhat different than others without developing a different species, like dwarfs or elves.  This clears a path, not that it was necessarily very overgrown, for us to have not simply humanocentric settings but such with greater diversity.

Also, ran a pictorial article a few months backed titled "25 Of The World's Exclusive Bars With Hidden Entrances. Here's How To Get In!"  See more here.

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