Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday in Space - Ideas for Europa Wanted

NASA wants your ideas regarding Europa, a moon of Jupiter, and a future mission's goals.  To whit:
NASA is asking for designs of scientific instruments that will help in the search for life on Europa. The winning instrument designs will be chosen next year and will be built for a future mission to explore Europa. The deadline for submitting proposals is Oct. 17.
You can read more here.

But isn't it fascinating not only that this sort of interactive marketing of a program, in order to gain public awareness and support, might also glean some ideas that might exist outside the box.  In a tabletop RPG setting, how might this go horribly wrong?  We've all seen the movies where some civilian or scientist with ulterior motives manages to worm their way onto the ship of an off-planet mission.  Or maybe some corporate espionage is in the offing?  What of quasi-environmentalist who thinks out species destroying one planet is quite enough, thank-you-very-much?  A lot of folks love Sci-Fi settings and RPGs but I wonder if a better gateway Sci-Fi RPG might take place in a near-future setting, where most things are not much different from our real world.  Something to think about while off gaming this weekend.

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