Monday, July 14, 2014

RPG Media Monday - A Game as Literary Tutorial

In the New York Times Books section yesterday, there was an article titled "A Game as Literary Tutorial."  Read more here then feel free to add below to the a list of writers to read, and entertainers to follow, to gain inspiration for your future tabletop RPG creations.

They mention many in various writing and entertainment fields including: Junot Díaz, China Miéville, David Lindsay-Abaire, Brent Hartinger, Cory Doctorow, Sherman Alexie, Stephen Colbert, George R. R. Martin, Sharyn McCrumb, Robin Williams, Matt Groening, Dan Harmon, and Chris Weitz.  Many I know and only a few have material not in my extended wheelhouse.

Of course, they don't mention everyone they could including several recently mentioned on this blog who still game regularly and produce fine gamer-adjacent literature like Matt Forbeck, Ted Fauster, and Hans Cummings.

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